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Dubai Tournament Update

Posted on August 1st, 2012 by Phil Gibbs

Malta Marauders have just received official confirmation that the format for the Veterans 10s Tournament at this year’s Dubai International 7s is as follows:

There will be 5 pools of 4 teams each.

Pool matches will be played on day 1 (29th November) i.e. 3 matches. On day 2 we will play quarter-finals and possibly a semi-final depending on whether we make it to the Trophy or the Plate. On day 3 we will play a semi-final (if we will not have already played it on day 2) and a final. If we are in the bottom 4 teams, we will play final placing matches on day 3.

Matches are 7 mins each way with 1 min half time.

All matches will be played on beautifully prepared grass pitches, so players should pack appropriate boots.

We arrive on the evening of the 27th November, so the 28th will be a free day. On each morning of competition a coach will pick us up from the hotel and transfer us to the ground. There will be a return coach every evening. Packs of entrance tickets for the three days of the tournament will be distributed on the 28th, together with photographic identification for all players in the squad. Reserve players will need to register at the tournament on the morning of the 29th by no later than 1pm.

Reserve players can replace injured squad players once squad is reduced to 12.

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