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Seeking sponsors for Dubai

Posted on July 9th, 2012 by Aj Thompson

That’s it! Final confirmation has been recieved, for the first time in the history of this 43 year old tournament, Malta will be sending a team to the Dubai Rugby Sevens this year that will see over 1,750 players taking part in a series of matches at the 50,000 capacity The Sevens stadium.

This is a life-long dream to send a team to play alongside some of the best players in the world and represent Malta in the Veterans (Over 35’s) Tournament.

Now we need your help! For us to be able to put together the very best team to take to Dubai we are looking for a number of exclusive sponsors for this prestigious event. Advertising space for sponsors will include Playing Shirt Sponsors (no gaming), Social Shirt Sponsors (gaming allowed) and Kit Bag Sponsors (gaming allowed).

Last year the Dubai Sevens had 22 broadcasters showing live pictures from Dubai to 120 countries with a total of 222 hours of live TV action. These figures have steadily increased over the years and this year it expected to be even higher.

If you’re interested in helping the Malta Marauders team travel to Dubai in 2012, then please contact Aj Thompson or Malta Marauders ASAP for more information.

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