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Malta Veterans Tournament – results

Posted on May 5th, 2013 by Phil Gibbs

Malta Marauders were the only team to score a try against the combined forces of Perpignan and Kilcardy, the runaway winners. Marauders put in a valiant effort on the day, but with several key players from the team choosing to play beach rugby instead, it was always going to be a tough call against the big squads of both the winners, and runners-up Derby. Marauders did secure one win against London Welsh Occies to finish third overall. After the games, everyone had a drink!


Derby Vets 31 – 12 Malta Marauders

AJC Perpignan/Zingari Kirkaldy 21 – 0 London Welsh Occies

London Welsh Occies 15 – 21 Malta Marauders

AJC Perpignan/Zingari Kirkaldy 12 – 0 Derby Vets

AJC Perpignan/Zingari Kirkaldy 17 – 7 Malta Marauders

Derby Vets 14 – 0 London Welsh Occies


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